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Mother s Worksheet for Child s Birth Certificate FOR HOSPITAL USE ONLY: MOTHER MR# NEWBORN MR# MEDICAID # DELIVERING DR RM # The information you provide on this worksheet is used to create your child
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How to fill out north carolina birth certificate


How to fill out North Carolina birth certificate:

Obtain the official North Carolina birth certificate form from the vital records office or website.
Fill in the required information accurately, including the full name of the child, date and place of birth, and the names of the parents.
Provide additional information such as the mother's maiden name, the father's full name, and their places of birth.
Include any relevant information regarding adoptions, multiple births, or any other special circumstances.
Sign and date the completed form, ensuring all information is legible and correct.

Who needs a North Carolina birth certificate:

Individuals who were born in North Carolina and require proof of their birth for legal or identification purposes.
Parents who need to register the birth of their child in North Carolina.
Adoptive parents who have finalized an adoption in North Carolina and need to obtain a new birth certificate for the adopted child.

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To fill out a North Carolina birth certificate, you will need to provide the following information: 1. The full name of the person being registered. 2. The date and place of birth. 3. The full names of the parents, including their dates of birth, places of birth, and current residence. 4. The maiden name of the mother. 5. The names of any attending physicians or midwives. 6. Any additional information, such as the state or country of birth, race, or any other additional facts. 7. The signature of the person responsible for the registration. Once the form is completed, it must be signed and dated in front of two witnesses and a notary public. The birth certificate must then be sent to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in Raleigh. Processing times vary, but can take up to 8 weeks.
The North Carolina Vital Records office does not have a fixed filing deadline for birth certificates. The office recommends filing as soon as possible after the birth.
The North Carolina Vital Records Office does not charge any penalty or fee for late filing of a birth certificate.
A North Carolina birth certificate is an official legal document issued by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services that records the birth of an individual in the state of North Carolina. It includes important information such as the full name of the person, their date and place of birth, the names of their parents, and other relevant details. Birth certificates are typically required for various purposes, such as obtaining identification documents, applying for passports, enrolling in schools, and proving citizenship or age.
All parents are required to file a North Carolina birth certificate. The person responsible for filing the birth certificate is typically the mother or father of the child. However, if the parents are unable or unavailable to file, other individuals such as a legal guardian or attending physician can file on their behalf.
The purpose of a North Carolina birth certificate is to serve as an official legal document that certifies the birth of an individual in the state of North Carolina. It provides important information such as the person's name, date and place of birth, gender, parent's names, and other relevant details. The birth certificate is used for various purposes like obtaining identification documents, enrollment in schools, applying for social security benefits, obtaining passports, and proving eligibility for various governmental and legal processes.
In North Carolina, the information that must be reported on a birth certificate includes: 1. Full name of the child (first, middle, and last). 2. Date of birth of the child. 3. County and city/town of birth. 4. Sex of the child (male or female). 5. Full name of the parents, including the mother's maiden name. 6. Date and place of birth of the parents. 7. Occupation of the parents. 8. Current address of the parents. 9. Full name, address, and contact information of the attending physician or midwife. 10. Date of registration of the birth. 11. Signature and title of the person completing the birth certificate. Additionally, the North Carolina birth certificate may include other optional information, such as: 1. Race/ethnicity of the child. 2. Birth order (i.e., first, second, third child, etc.). 3. Multiple birth information (if the child is a twin, triplet, etc.). 4. Informant's name and relationship to the child. 5. Parent's education level. It is important to note that some of the information required on the birth certificate may vary based on the specific circumstances of the birth and the availability of information provided by the parents or guardians.
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